Easily one of the Jumpman’s most beloved, the Air Jordan 4 is sure to deliver as many exciting releases this year as it did the last. And starting us off is none other than the long-awaited “Red Thunder,” which faced multiple delays throughout the latter half of 2021. Better late than never, the release date is finally just moments away, and it’s surely not too soon to start making preparations for Saturday.

Though not an OG colorway, the pair’s references are similarly iconic, taking the “Thunder” and switching out its yellows for equally bold reds. The construction elsewhere, however, remains intact, comprised of black nubuck and matching netting, laces, and the like.

For another look at the “Red Thunder,” check out the imagery below. You’ll also find our store list, which should provide you links to raffles and product pages.

Air Jordan 4 "Red Thunder"
Release Date: Jan 15th, 2022 (Saturday)
Color: Black/Multi-Color/Multi-Color
Mens: $190
Style Code: CT8527-016

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